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August 15th, 2010


Buddy Christ
Tomorrow, I get older. Today, I party until tomorrow.

July 4th, 2010


Damn, I haven't updated in a while... Not that anyone reads my rambling on here.

I've been doing mostly the same stuff. Well, a few new things. I've joined a LARP group and have been having a great time playing games with them. They switch back and forth between a Werewolf and a Vampire game. I have more fun at Vampire right now, but I just know it better. Also for those of you with more understanding, it's old World.

Just finished a new World of Darkness table top story. And soon that group will be switching to a nWoD mod that I've made up that's set in the future.

Been having more fun over all I guess. It's weird how the more useless and unimportant a personal project is, the more likely I am do to a lot of work on it. The old roommate moved out and a new one should be moving in shortly. Things are looking up. Yeah.

Oh yeah, and I have a cat. His name is Harmless. He's a tubby bitch, but not really that fat. I guess I'll post a pic of him in the future. He'll probably have developed telepathy and be using laser guns by then. Who knows?

May 8th, 2010

I felt like making this quiz so I did... so if you liked Dead Like Me, take it and tell me what you thought.

The Who Was Your 'Dead Like Me' Reaper Mentor Quiz. at HelloQuizzy

May 4th, 2010

Nothing special...

Buddy Christ
I've been on a sort of LJ break because I was writing enough for school that it was killing my urge to write anything else. I will definitely be making another post to mynothe this week and pick up the story from another perspective. With this change I'm also going to shift mynothe's format in that I'll be the only one making posts but it will open to reader comments. Maybe in the future it will switch back to an open story set up, but for now it's going to be this way.

Been doing a little more sketching and such and did a picture for my sister of the new character in mynothe that's based on her. That colored pic will be the image for those posts. When I have the energy again I'll likely make a better pic of her. Also, I hate hands, lol.

Nothing else too special going on. Andrew's going to be leaving to visit family for about a week starting on Wednesday. I'm not too sure what I'll be doing with that time, due to a fluke with Netflix billing I'll most likely be wading through the boatload of new gay films that are posted in the instant viewing now. I've already watched four of them and only one was any good. 'The Sensei' is a surprisingly good movie from a cinematic standard. They don't beat you over the head with subject matter and have moments that convey emotion without telling you how you should feel. If you have instant viewing and are into that kind of thing I suggest giving it a go.

Anyways, going to jump back into my writing for a bit, and when Andrew wakes up I'll make him scan a sketch I did of Nott which will likely replace my current icon for him.

May 2nd, 2010

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April 27th, 2010

(no subject)

Need to fix my sleeping habits. All topsy-turvy at the moment. Made a nice omelette for "breakfast", Sauteed green peppers, smoked sausage, tomatoes and a little American cheese. Nom nom nom. I will probably make some pork, asparagus and rice later. I know Vair will be all over that, but mostly because of the asparagus. He's always asparagus crazy. I think I'm going to start taking more pictures of the food that I cook.

I've been giving some thought to my career path and I think it could be interesting to be a Drama or Cooking teacher at a high school level or above. Anything younger and I think I'd commit mass homicide within the first week. I've always ended up in a teaching role at all the jobs that I've worked at, so I know that I have the capacity to teach. Plus those are probably the subjects I would most want others to learn about. I realize there's still bureaucracy to deal with, but I've been dealing with that all of my life.

April 25th, 2010


Swedish Chef
So went to Mangy's party last night. Had a pretty good time bumping into people I hadn't seen in a while. Didn't really make any new friends but I honestly wasn't trying too hard, which I probably should have. People were asking about next game night so I assume that's going to be a pretty big and busy one.

People that mentioned coming: Mangy, Kryos, Garret, Piro, and Alex if he's not too deep in study study land.

Probably going to make some alfredo pasta for that night. Budget for the next month has me in super cheapo mode. So, sorry that I won't be doing anything too amazing for food stuffs but it will still be good.

Anyways, back to the birthday stuff. I made some cupcakes as Mangy's birthday cake because I knew from previous experience that drunk people and regular cakes don't mix. The other thing is that cupcakes are much nicer on party cleanup than cake and they don't require utensils to nom so it's a much better party follow up. So here are the cupcakes in question:

Shiny CupcakenessCollapse )

So these are actually 4 different flavors of cupcakes; red=tropical punch, blue=mixed berry, green=lemon-lime and pink=pink lemonade. I figured something more tart and fruity would better stand out amongst all the alcohol being consumed. Yes, I put too much thought into it, but when asked to do someone's birthday cake I tend to think of it as a special project that needs extra care.

Speaking of extra care, MANGY we have your new black-light bulb so when you come to game night you can pick that up.

April 23rd, 2010

So, my mynothe post isn't going to be up until tomorrow, but it is still going. And if any of you guys are still interested, just write a small story from your characters perspective so I can see if the writing style will mesh with what's already going on. I know that sounds like a lot to ask for, but mynothe is my baby so I have to make sure that it's gonna be treated right as it grows up.

Anyways, definitely going to ELE next month. Vair and I are sort of looking for a room I think? I'm not really sure what he wants to do because he's never very clear about anything. Anyways, going to go, going to play games, might even bring some games... who knows? Wait, I do. Anyways... lemme know if you're going to go too.

I'm definitely going to be glad to see a bunch of people at ELE. Hopefully can reconnect with some people since I've not been too adventurous in the past few months. Vair and I definitely would like to meet some new people and make some new friends. Game nights could use a perk up.

Alright, talk to you bitches tomorrow.

April 22nd, 2010

Vote for MTN DEW(R) Distortion(TM) - Dewmocracy.com

Go vote! Do eeet! *guzzle*

I'll be returning to my regular updates of my journal and mynothe later today.

April 10th, 2010

Feeling better every day...

Since I started a sort of regimen to basically write every day I've been feeling a lot better about myself and my future. I've been rather dedicated to mynothe as of late and would still like to bring some people in to take part. Where the story is at right now could lead to an easy way in for a new character.

Anyways, today Andrew and I went out to the Oviedo Marketplace. We walked around a bit and poked at what stores were left. Went to this little grocery store that's in a weird corner of the exterior of the mall and found it to be just ridiculous. It was all organic stuff but more expensive than even Whole Foods and with nothing unique about their selection. Even the stuff they prepared themselves was pretty unexceptional.

All that little grocery did was make me look forward to tomorrow's trip to the Winter Park farmer's market even more. Gonna load up on fresh veggies and maybe even some fruit. Might even see some neat baked goods. The place is pretty awesome. After the farmer's market we're going to go to a Chinese buffet because I've been having cravings for it for months now. I'm praying for sesame balls with sweet red bean paste filling. If I'm really lucky they'll have Chow Mei Fun.

Well, before I float off on fantasies of various Chinese dishes, I had some top round roast tonight. It was pretty good, except that I think the next time I broil it I'll definitely have to put it in for a longer time as it didn't quite cook through, so I had to give some thin slices a good searing in the frying pan to finish it up since I couldn't put it back in to broil and it was a bit tough after that... there was a little bit of it that was cooked just right and those parts were nice and tender with the right amount of flavor and everything.

And my new favorite preparation for sauteed spinach is enough butter to wet the pan and a dash of adobo. Just push the spinach around a bit until it's tender and serve. Also, rice cooked using chicken broth a touch of curry and some dill is a new favorite.

So now that my foodgasm is over, I've been thinking that if anyone is looking to prepare something new or has ingredients they aren't sure how they want to use I'd be willing to offer my advice. I've been grabbing new ingredients I haven't worked with before just to force myself to learn how to prepare them.

Still looking for creative writers to get in on mynothe. If you think you can jump in post to join and we'll work from there. *stares at Wilhawk and Blackberry*
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